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First Newsletter

This is a sample of a newsletter template that works well on mobile and desktop devices. For content, I have included a selection of my favourite quotes and photographs as well as a post on Coca-Cola - my favourite brand.


Favourite Brand

There is no question that Coca-Cola is a highly successful company with a global outreach and high revenue. What personally intrigues me is how this can be so, especially considering current interests where health is concerned.

I think that nowadays society are more conscious about their health and well-being, perhaps this is thanks to media and technology providing easy access to information on health matters and often advertising products, services and habits to make oneself feel better. The market for health is very big; consider how easy it is to be exposed to products or services that promote well being in one way or another.

Keeping public interest for health in mind, I wonder how Coca Cola has remained so popular. Thanks to the internet it's not difficult to find how Coca Cola can be used to remove rust from a car battery, dissolve a tooth or even a nail. So the question that crops up is what effect will it have to a person's health in the long run? Despite not seeing any real positive health benefits, I think that Coca Cola has stood strong thanks to the power of it’s ever changing, adaptable advertising that has effectively engaged the general public over the years. It’s not what the product is but what it represents which can be anything from “Christmas” to “Happiness”, “Unity”, “America” etc. In a very clever way a feeling of well-being is promoted through associating Coca Cola with a social aspect most people can relate to and in doing so making a drink that can dissolve a nail a friendly product accessible to all.

I really think that Coca Cola is a prime example of the power of advertising and find it’s marketing very inspirational. What essentially started being promoted as a pharmaceutical health product used to relieve headaches has evolved through the years to something completely different.



Favourite Photos

Noja Beach

Noja Beach


Noja Sunset

Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach


Favourite Quotes

“Courage and confidence will
take you where fear
and nerves will not.”

“Comfort is tempting but
leads to laziness.”

"Think of your life as a movie,
make sure it’s exciting
before the end."

"One can’t truly be free if 
tied to money and power."

“Looking for real friends is
like panning for gold,
you sieve for treasure
within a mound of sand.”

“All your dreams can
come true if you
have the courage
to pursue them.”
Walt Disney

"The greatest gift you
were given was imagination."
Wayne W. Dyer

“Success means we go
to sleep at night knowing
that our talents and abilities
were used in a way
that best served others.”
Marianne Williamson

"Fairy tales are more
than true: not because
they tell us dragons
exist, but because they
tell us that dragons
can be beaten."
C.K. Chesterton